Monday, September 26, 2016

Where I Have Been and What I am Doing Now

I apologize for not posting for the past couple of days. My grandfather passed away and I have been dealing with that. I am ready to get back to posting on a regular schedule again now.
Last night I finished my first webpage that I created from a design mockup. The mockup came from Udacity's Intro to HTML and CSS course. I altered it a bit, but I am finally happy with it. As soon as I can figure out how to host pages through GitHub for free, I will put a link in this post so everyone can check it out.
I learned a lot in that course and highly recommend it for all the new coders out there. It teaches HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and a very small bit of JavaScript. I really liked the course because they only guide you, which makes you have to do all the work. Many of the courses I've seen previously show you everything and don't allow any room for you to figure things out for yourself. Having to solve the problems myself is what teaches me the quickest.
Today I am going to start the Udacity course on learning Git and GitHub. Maybe it will help me to be able to have a place to store my work so that I can share it with you guys.
I don't have much time so I'm gonna end this post here and head on over to Udacity and get my learning on. I hope you guys have a great day!

Until Tomorrow,
Jonathan Berry

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