Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Beginning of my Coding Journey

I set an original goal to code every day for a year. I now realize that it is an unrealistic goal with the amount of time that I have right now. I am building a personal website that I would like to use to chronicle my journey from a complete code noob to career coder.
I have 3 kids and a job that I work 50 hours a week at. I don't have much time to do this, but I also know that this is what I want to do and I will do what it takes to accomplish my goals.
I spent the entire day trying to design a logo for the BerryCoding brand. I just don't have the design knowledge to create something that looks professional. I know Photoshop in and out, but as far as design goes... I just don't have it.
I also don't have the money to pay a logo designer at the moment and probably won't any time soon. We live paycheck to paycheck which is the main reason I am doing this. I want to create a good life for my family. I hope that when a year or two or five passes and I am working as a professional in the field that my story will be able to help others who may not have the time or money to do what they want, but DO have the MOTIVATION and PASSION for getting a career in a field that they love.
The system is flawed, but thankfully you don't need a degree in this field, you just need a strong work ethic and a desire to LEARN. At least that is what I've learned from what I've read. I have all those things and I think that many others out there have that too. I didn't want to do the WordPress thing because I wanted to blog on my own site. Unfortunately, it is gonna take me a little while to get it to a level that I think is presentable. I have made a new goal to write about what I am doing every day to improve my skills, improve my website, or improve my web presence.
I will NOT give up until I have made it in the field no matter how long that takes. I know I am repeating myself, but I am highly motivated. I have been on a computer almost every day doing something or another since I was 5 years old. I love computers. I love technology.
What I don't love is the way America's system has turned the American dream into a prize given to the highest bidder. The people who started out with money have a higher chance of ending up with money. The people that start out with nothing but at least have parents that want better for their kids are next in line. The people that start out with nothing and parents that don't care are usually the ones that are stuck in fast food or if they are lucky working in a factory somewhere.
It is a flawed system created by a greedy government that only cares about itself. The only way the people from the last example can make it is if they work themselves to death to prove their worth. Then they have to find a way to reach out to the world in the hopes that there is still somebody out there with a soul willing to give them a chance. Then, just maybe, they can become successful.
Tomorrow, I am gonna spend all day at work thinking of logo designs. Maybe I can think of something great.
I'm not giving up today or tomorrow or ever!
My family and I will make it and so will y'all!

Until tomorrow,
Jonathan Berry

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