Sunday, October 2, 2016

Another Apology and HTML Forms

I apologize for not posting anything yesterday, I decided to spend the day with my wife. I felt like I had been ignoring her lately by coming home and getting straight into coding.
Friday night I started the lab work for chapter 6 in the HTML5 course and it was awesome. I am creating an HTML form based off of a paper copy of a medical history form. The lab was very satisfying and extremely fun! It was the first lab that I have done that felt like it could actually be a paying job from a client.
I still haven't finished it though because I am a perfectionist and want it to be as close to the paper mockup as possible. I also want it to be a "smart" form. I'm not sure if that is a thing or not, but I want it to know if any of the fields are not answered correctly, etc. I also want it to suggest answers that I have considered to be common answers so that some people will be able to fill it out more quickly.
HTML is awesome and so far forms are my favorite part of HTML! I can't wait to open up the project and get back to work on it!
On a side note, I thought that my closing line "Until Tomorrow" would help me to be consistent and not miss a day of posting. Now I realize that posting everyday is unrealistic because something always seems to come up. I am finding myself apologizing for missing posts more that I would like to. I am changing my closing line to "Until Next Time". It is a little more forgiving and I think that the post itself is enough to keep me on track. So...

Until Next Time,
Jonathan Berry